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DWMR Attorneys Prevail in Railroad Commission Proceedings

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By DWMR Staff | January 30, 2015

DWMR Updates

The Railroad Commission of Texas issued a Final Order in favor of DWMR client Eastman Chemical Company following a contested evidentiary hearing. The Final Order clarifies the regulatory framework that ensures common carrier pipelines in Texas are available on a non-discriminatory basis. In a related matter concerning rates, Railroad Commission Hearing Examiners issued a Proposal for Decision favorable to Eastman following another contested evidentiary hearing. Both decisions came after Eastman successfully appealed a Hearing Examiners’ ruling that the Commission did not have full jurisdiction to hear Eastman’s complaint. In January 2014, the Commission granted Eastman’s appeal of that ruling and allowed Eastman’s complaint to be fully litigated before the Commission. The DWMR team representing Eastman included James Mann, Leslie Padilla, Adrian Ciechanowicz and Bill Coe. The Final Order can be found here: []


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